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Earlier this month, FORBES MAGAZINE published an article entitled “Successful Strategies for Creating Your Start-up Business”.  According to the author, more than 17,000 people in the United States become business owners EVERYDAY. But start-ups are risky, and many of these businesses will not be around in 3 years.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, what can you do to mitigate risk and increase your chances to find entrepreneurial success?

FRANCHISING with FranStop!

Franchising is not an absolute guarantee of success, but the model has proven over time to be far safer than independent start ups.

The FORBES article pointed out 5 strategies for creating that successful start-up business….and all of them carry over to starting a successful franchise business:

1)  Pursue your passion – Franchising offers thousands of opportunities, in hundreds of industries. Find what you are really passionate about and begin researching the franchise options as a pursuit of that passion.

2)  Get ready to work hard – While franchising takes a lot of the ‘guess work’ out of starting a business, it still requires a commitment that is equal to business ownership in non-franchise models. You get the expertise and knowledge the franchise offers, but you still have to execute to be successful.

3)  Replace fears with knowledge – This phrase could be the definition of franchising! By joining a franchise, you get to learn tried and true strategies on every aspect of your business. Calming fears about business ownership is one of the greatest strengths of a franchise business.

4)  Embrace failures along the way – Franchising helps owners because it shares best practices with all the owners in that brand. Thus, franchise owners are far less likely to make the same mistakes other franchise owners have made. And further, if a failure does arise, you have both the franchisor, and all of the other franchisees in your brand, to discuss ideas on how to embrace that failure and turn it into a positive. The franchise motto of ‘in business for yourself, but not by yourself’ is very evident when the chips are down for a franchise owner.

5)  Do well by doing good – Many franchisors encourage their franchisees to get involved and give back to the community. Some of long standing relationships with charities and have raised millions of dollars through their franchised network for those charities.


Every January, thousands of people make a resolution to become their own boss in the new year. If you are thinking of going down the entrepreneurial road, consider the benefits of franchising first. It could make that road much smoother.


Find your next Franchise business with FranStop.



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