Value Your Business



The key to a successful sale starts with understanding the value of your business. Sunbelt Business Brokers and Franstop are experts in helping sellers of businesses determine the proper value to go to market.

Normalizing / Recasting Your Financials

If you are like most business owners, you try to mitigate your tax burdens. Therefore, your financials likely do not reflect all the benefits your business provides to you, the business owner.. Recasting your financials is one of the most crucial steps in selling your business. Because businesses often sell for a multiple of total owner benefit, you can’t afford to make mistakes in the recasting process. Simply put, every dollar that is found in the recasting process equals multiple dollars added to your business’ value.


Price, Terms and Financing:

Once we have a valuation, it is important to determine not only price, but just as significantly, terms. You may need to retire debt or require a certain amount of cash at closing to achieve your post closing goals. We’ll work with you to set a price and terms that will achieve your goals AND attract the maximum number of buyer candidates. If you need to maximize cash, we’ll work with you and business lenders to determine franchise financing options. We even have relationships with local lenders that will pre-qualify buyer financing that we can package with your business when we bring it to market.


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More Info:

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