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We Help Any and All Business Owners Achieve Their Goals of Selling

Whether you are an independent small business, or a large franchise entity, Sunbelt is the place to go to sell your business. For nearly four decades, Sunbelt Business Brokers have been assisting business owner in the sale of their business. Sunbelt has grown into the largest business broker in the world because of our success in getting sellers the right buyer, paying the right price and the right terms for their business.


If You Are A Franchise Business Owner, There is Even Better News

We are commissioned by several hundreds of franchise owners annually, all with the same goal: sell my franchise business! Sunbelt’s Franstop program emphasizes helping franchised business sellers. Our relationship with over 80 national franchise brands demonstrates our unsurpassed ability to help franchised business owners find the right buyer to help sell my franchised business.. And because we specialize in franchise re-sales, we are able to streamline the process, saving you time and money and making the franchise re-sales process as painless as possible.


Selling Your Franchise or Business is All About What You Put In Your Pocket!

At Sunbelt Business Brokers and Franstop, we are focused on your bottom line, what the seller nets in the sales transaction. We begin with the end in mind, determining your personal and financial goals. Why are you thinking about selling? What are your plans after you sell? Are you using the funds for retirement? Are you going to leverage the proceeds into another business venture? Can you afford to sell after closing costs and taxes? What are the intangibles we need to consider, such as employees, relatives, etc.? Making sure you have a clear understanding of the process, and how much you could potentially net, is an important first step.


Determining the RIGHT Buyer for Your Business

We work with buyers and sellers everyday and we understand that every seller and buyer is unique. Determining the profile of the ideal buyer for your business will help us determine where to focus our resources. Our target group of buyers ranges from Strategic Acquirers and Private Equity Groups down to individual buyers looking to become and entrepreneur for the first time.

Small business owners often think that employees, customers and/or competitors are likely the best buyers for their business. However, these buyers are typically LEAST likely to pay a premium or even a fair price. Sunbelt and Franstop’s goal is to approach buyers willing to pay for what you have built. Our long tenure and thousands of listings means we have buyers…more buyers than any other brokerage firm. Selling my franchised business requires qualified buyers, and Sunbelt Business Brokers / Franstop is a “superstore for business buyers”.


Confidentiality – The Cornerstone for a Successful Sale

As your advisor, all Sunbelt Business Brokers’ initial marketing and interaction with Buyers about your business will be done without revealing your identity. There is a time to tell your customers, vendors and employees you are selling…but it is not when you first list your business for sale. We will let potential buyers know about your business through blind profile marketing. Only after Sunbelt is convinced a prospect is a legitimate potential buyer for your business will we reveal your identity. It is just another way Sunbelt Business Brokers and Franstop keeps what is in the best interest of our sellers throughout our business sales process.


Confidential Business Profile

For every business Sunbelt Business Brokers lists, our Brokers will prepare a Confidential Business Profile. This profile is used to illustrate the unique value and growth opportunities of your business to potential buyers. A professional business profile is critical in positioning your business for sale. Outlining your growth opportunities is even more important as buyers tend to value your business based on historical and current performance but they actually decide to purchase based on future opportunities.


Offers / Negotiations

The Sunbelt system is designed to solicit offers early from buyers, before you invest significant time in providing detailed and sensitive financial information. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not show your financials, customer lists, employee rosters and other sensitive data, until there has been a contingent offer accepted by you. Our system is designed to minimize your accounting and legal fees until we help you and the buyer reach an agreement on price, terms and major conditions.


Due Diligence – Protecting Your Price & Keeping the Deal Alive

Once an offer is accepted, the deal reaches the due diligence stage. FACT: Most deals fall apart in due diligence. The reasons are many and usually relate to the seller, who is proficient in his or her business, but has never sold a business before and doesn’t understand the important subtleties of due diligence. These subtleties are critical to maintaining price, terms and finally closing the deal. It’s not just what you disclose, it’s when and how. The Sunbelt due diligence process offers a systematic disclosure that maximizes the number of offers made while minimizing the time the business seller spends away from his business. Just as importantly, we limit access to employees, vendors and clients of the business. Other reasons deals die include: a change in the business or its market; loss of a key customer or employee; the buyer’s financing falling through; or a personal tragedy for the buyer. Sunbelt has dealt with all these problems and many more. We are experts in the art and science of deal making. We help anticipate these problems and solve them as they occur.


What Services Can I Expect When I Sell My Franchised Business With Sunbelt?

Sunbelt Business Brokers / Franstop offer sellers complete, hands-on work through the entire process of selling a business.   Sunbelt’s global reach benefits your bottom line. As the world’s largest business broker, we have access to more potential buyers than anyone else. Our expertise will help you sell my franchise business confidentially, quickly and for the best price and terms. Our fees are success-based, so we get paid when you do, at the closing table. Because selling your business is very time-consuming and emotionally draining, our system is designed to streamline the time involved, as well as mitigate the inevitable emotional difficulty you will face in the process. We’ll be your partner though the entire selling process:

  • Educating you about the selling process
  • Assisting in the valuation of your business
  • Marketing your business confidentially
  • Helping buyers find financing
  • Negotiating
  • Minimizing your time and frustration
  • Due diligence coordination
  • Closing the deal
Why is Sunbelt / Franstop the Best Place to Help Me Sell My Franchise Business?

The reasons are numerous, but simply put, Sunbelt is the undisputed largest business broker in the world.   Sunbelt is so large because we are so successful.  Our core mission of helping people buy and sell existing businesses is further enhanced by our Franstop national re-sales program.  This program is specifically geared toward helping franchise business seller reach their exit strategy goals.  There is a reason more than 80 franchisors RECOMMEND Sunbelt to their franchisees looking to sell their business.  We get the job done, and done right.  As a franchise ourselves, Sunbelt understands franchise re-sales from all perspectives…buyer, seller and franchisor.   We are uniquely equipped to handle franchise re-sales of all sizes in nearly every market in North America.

Why Should a Franchise Re-sale Seller Receive a Broker’s Estimate of Price?

Business owners often tend to have a higher opinion of their business’ value, and it makes sense.  After all, it their blood, sweat and tears.  So it should mean more to them.  But the dirty little secret is that franchise re-sale buyers don’t care how much the owner spent, or how hard they worked.  They want the price based on the historical performance.

Thus, franchise resale sellers should look to a Sunbelt business broker to perform an objective analysis of the business’ value.  This analysis is often called the Broker’s Estimate of Price.  The Sunbelt broker will analyze not only the business, but also the current re-sales market and other businesses that are comparable (including franchise re-sales within the same or similar brands) to determine a value range for the business.    This analysis gives the buyer confidence they are not overpaying, and gives the seller confidence they are not leaving money on the table.

Can Sunbelt Sell My Failing Business or Franchise Resale?

Not all existing businesses are created equal and not all are profitable. Sellers looking to sell their business due to sub-par performance face an uphill battle. The question of whether the business is sellable or not will depend on several factors unique to the business itself.

First and foremost, most existing business buyers want to buy cash flow.  That is why they are looking at existing businesses…so they can continue to lead their life, or even better it, with the cash flow from the business they are considering purchasing.   Thus, most existing buyers are not interested in looking at non-cash flowing businesses.

If the business is a franchise, the brand itself may make a sale viable.   A franchise with a good track record may be enough for a buyer to consider buying an underperforming franchise re-sale, typically at a price less than a new unit would cost to open.

Buyers of under-performing businesses will look to uncover not only the why’s of the current performance, but also the growth opportunities that could lead to a turn around.  Sellers of these businesses should be prepared to discuss both facets.

Selling an under-performing business can offer a buyer a fantastic opportunity, but overall is a difficult task.

Does Sunbelt Business Brokers Only Work for Business Sellers?

While Sunbelt Business Brokers’ clients are predominately sellers of existing businesses, we will engage with select buyers to help them find the perfect the business.  Many of our buyer side clients are people whose business were sold through Sunbelt, and now are looking for their next opportunity.






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