Franchise New Referrals Program




As the largest business broker in the world, Sunbelt Business Broker has thousands of buyer prospects walking in our doors each and every week. The majority of these buyers have similar characteristics….they have never owned a business before, and they are coming to us after working jobs where they followed systems or processes in how they functioned their tasks. In short, they are excellent candidates to own a franchise business!


Franstop / Sunbelt has several offices that have Franchise Consultants on staff to educate these buyers about not only the process of buying a franchise, but also about the various brands that we have partnered with.


When you receive a lead from Franstop, know that the potential buyer has been consulted with and is eager to more about your specific concept. And the best part is the only fees associated with this relationship is based on a successful referral! We have no up-front charges, no on-going marketing fees, no mandatory meetings to attend. Thus, Franstop has removed almost all risk to the program.


We will work with you to create the information documents to educate our offices about your brand, and will introduce you to the Franstop system via webinar where you will present your brand to our network. Because we are all over North America, we have the ability to target market areas where you may have the greatest need for new franchises.


In markets where we do not have a Franchise Consultant, Franstop can still deliver potential new franchise buyers. Our pay-per-lead program is our newest offering, and is very popular. Buyer prospects will fill out a quick information form, and those meeting your financial criteria will be passed along. Franstop offers a substantial discount for pre-payment, or you can pay as you go. And since you can cancel the program at anytime, again it is low risk.


To learn more about Franstop’s New Referral program, call 888-484-0332 or submit your contact information via the form on this page.




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