In a perfect world, an exit strategy will be thought about and documented at the time the franchisee enters your franchise system. But just like selling the business, most business owners have no experience with thinking about events that may be 20 or more years on the horizon.


This is where Sunbelt / Franstop’s educational component comes in. We will assist you in communicating information that your franchisee will VALUE, because it matters to their financial long-term health. Our newsletters, webinars and live seminars open your franchisees eyes to the future. Franchisors understand both the obvious and hidden value to this education. Giving your franchisees information and tools critical to their long-term success adds value to what you already provide. And since long-term value is built by increasing value today, we challenge and encourage franchisees to step up their game now, which adds royalties to your bottom line.


Our convention this year was great, and your presentation was the best you’ve ever done (and all the previous ones have been very good!). Thank you SOOO much for your participation. I spent a lot of free time talking to several owners that “got” your message. Nancy, Franchise Executive


Sunbelt / Franstop conduct dozens and dozens of educational webinars and seminars every year for our franchisor partners, and we can do the same for you.


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